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Status: Online
Port: 25565
Ping: 116 ms
Players: 2/100

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Donor Shop is Now Open! (6-25-15)

That’s right everyone – the donor shop is now open. So far, we have TONS of new awesome skins to sell that we’ve been working on for a while now. At the moment, there may not be any images on the shop page itself, but if you would like to see the skins before you […]

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Official Server Release! (06-15-2015)

It’s finally time everyone! The moment you’ve been waiting for…the new website and server release! Just for some clarification on the website, whenever you’re on the forums and you click “Home” it will take you to the FORUM home – NOT the website home. To return to the website home, simply click the logo at […]

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It’s Finally Time! (06-14-2015)

The server will be open to all starting Monday, June 15, 2015. We know you guys have been really patient and we’re really hoping it pays off. We’re finally ready to release after trying to spruce up the modpack – taking out unnecessary laggy and buggy/outdated mods and replacing them with some better magic content […]

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