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Small Forum Rule Addition (8-10-15)

Just a quick post about a new forum rule that I have added, as it’s needed to be added for a while now: 9. UNNECESSARY/SPAM RATINGS: For our rating system shown at the bottom of every post – you are NOT allowed to spam ratings on a bunch of posts randomly for no real reason. […]

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Banning of Wills (8-4-15)

After testing and some talking, the staff team has decided to ban two of the Wills that terrasteel armor has. Will of Guthan, allow players to hit a portion of the damage they do however it is an infinite heal. Will of Verac, allow players to pierce through armor. Allowing players if using the right […]

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Major Update 4.2.2: Blood Update! (8-3-15)

Major Update! You will have to update your packs again in order to get the hotfix! A new update is being released today! Be sure to update your pack to get these new/updated mods! Added Mods: Blood Magic Arcane Arteries (BM Addon) DragonMounts Guide API (Book for BM) ImLookingAtBlood (WAILA for BM) Magic Cookies (TC4 […]

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