SGCraft Rules

General Rules

    1. Be kind and respectful to all players. We can not stress this enough. No one wants a jerk insulting everybody in the server.
    2. Foul language is permitted, but excess use will result in a warning.
    3. Racism will never be tolerated. This will result in a swift ban.
    4. DO NOT advertise other Minecraft servers.
    5. DO NOT beg for money or items! This is heavily looked down upon.
    6. DO NOT spam chat or excessively use caps!
    7. If you are questioning whether or not something you are doing is against the rules, it probably is! Consult an admin immediately before continuing.
    8. Ops and Admins follow the same rules as everyone else. Do not hesitate to report them!
Griefing Rules

Griefing within the boundaries of Towns, Residences or Event areas is not permitted.

Considered Griefing: (Some of these rules apply to the Wilderness)
1. Pouring water or Lava on structures within boundaries of towns or residences.
2. Breaking into any homes within Towns or Residences.
3. Destroying or Adding to structures within boundaries of towns or residences.
4. Stealing items from within boundaries of towns or residences.
5. Adding/Destroying/Buying/Selling land around or near 50 blocks of a town without permission.
6. Creating Towns next to each other just for fun.
7. Building any obscene or offensive structures in the wilderness. This includes anything with religious connotations as not everyone shares your religious view.
8. Creating or digging the following structures: One block towers, One block holes, Lava towers in both the Wilderness or in the boundaries of towns/residences. Any structures built out of TNT. Floating platforms with no visible form of support.
9. Build within 50 blocks of the spawn.
10. Destroying Minecart tracks in the Wilderness that lead to other locations.
11. Just because griefing is allowed in the wilderness does not translate to "Destroy everything in sight." Please continue to be mindful and respectful of players works.
12. Griefing in the midst of battle is allowed but to an extent. There is no reason someones house should be burned down because you decided flint and steel was your best option for a weapon.
13. Protected/Event Areas should never be griefed! These areas include Main Town, The Marketplace, Egypt, Atlantica, the mob arena and surrounding areas, and so on. Chances are if its a big beautiful structure out in the wilderness it probably isnt an area for pvp/griefing.
14. Stealing is accepted if you find an unlocked chest in the WIlderness
15. Do not join a town just to grief it. This will get you banned very quickly
Cheating & Exploits

We do not allow any kind of cheating with Client-side Mods or the exploitation of bugs and glitches.

Any of the below that are broken will result in a Permanent Ban.

Considered as Cheating:
1. The Use of any kind of Flying Mods.
2. The Use of Speed-hacking Mods.
3. The Use of X-Ray texture packs to find ores.
4. Taking advantage of a dupe bug and using them to sell.
5. Finding glitches or bugs that allow you to run fast, fly, or have a higher advantage in PvP.
6. Spawn killing Players.

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