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Joining SGCraft

Getting Whitelisted: To be whitelisted to join you just need to register on the forums. MAKE SURE YOUR FORUM USERNAME MATCHES YOUR MINECRAFT USERNAME or you will not be able to log in. Once registered, visit the Application Forum to submit an application to join the server.

Read the Rules! Not having read the rules is not an excuse for breaking them! Click Here to read the rules.

Connecting: Connect to

Mumble (Voice Chat)


Port: 64738

Download Mumble
Server Information

SGCraft is running the latest version of Bukkit with a number of plugins to make your experience on the server an enjoyable one. You can find a list of plugins we use below. SGCraft is an SMP server with a focus on a community driven game. We believe in a strong, loyal community. We also have a balanced PvP system, iConomy/Shops and Towns. We also now feature the Supernatural Players plugin. You can be a Vampire, Werewolf, Priest and more! If you are looking for a server that is professional and has kind members, look no further.

Server Features:

- Instant white-listing via forum registration
- Anti-Griefing tools to protect players
- Friendly staff (Interested in becoming a Moderator? Click Here)
- Supernatural Classes! Become a Vampire, Werewolf, Priest, Demon and More!
- Towns! Become a resident of a town and be safe from griefing!
- McMMO. Level up and become more powerful!
- Tombstone, never lose items again when you die
- You can set home points and invite friends to that home point
- iConomy! Everyone has money to spend! Our economy is player run. We have a marketplace where you can set up a shop to buy/sell items you have. Come experience a new side of Minecraft!
- Self Service area protection. With Residence you can make sure your area is completely safe from griefers. Make that plot of land your own!
- Other small server optimization features

Server Specifications:

- 2 Intel Xeon Dual Core 3.2ghz Processors
- 8GB Ram
- Windows Server Enterprise 64bit
- Gigabit dedicated line
- Server is hosted in NYC

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